Permanent eyebrows: What should you know before going for it?

Dazzling makeup that remains unchanged for many long years. Undoubtedly, this dream can be fulfilled thanks to microblading – a beauty treatment offered in many high-end parlous. Here are some crucial questions that are worth examining before getting permanent makeup done. Find out whether you are aware of all the pros and cons connected with the permanent brows technique.

Are you dreaming of having stunning, thick and defined eyebrows without applying makeup every single day? Today, owing to the latest breakthroughs in beauty industry – such as microblading – it is possible! This procedure is a kind of permanent makeup, which means that the effects last even for a few years!

However, before you decide to ask a beautician to get you permanent eyebrows, you must learn what this procedure is all about. Below you will find the frequently asked questions concerning permanent eyebrows.

What’s permanent eyebrow makeup?

The aim of the procedure is to create exactly the same effects as the ones achieved thanks to applying regular brow makeup – to get beautiful, perfectly defined and bold eyebrows. Due to permanent makeup, the shape of brows is improved, the hairs get darker and fuller-looking as the gaps are filled in. The difference is that permanent brows are long-lasting because the tint is inserted underneath the epidermis, it’s not applied to the skin’s surface where it can be removed from easily. The procedure resembles tattooing, yet the pigment isn’t injected that deeply into skin.

What’s microblading?

The term ‘microblading’ is used interchangeably with ‘permanent eyebrows.’ What you have to realize though is that not every type of permanent brow makeup is the same as microblading since it’s just one of the options offered. It depends on manual eyebrow reconstruction with the aid of a special hand tool (a pen) featuring a micro-blade made of 7-14 needles. In the view of the tool used, microblading is also referred to as feathering or feathered eyebrows. Currently, this is the most popular form of permanent makeup that creates the most natural-looking effects.

Does microblading hurt?

If it was performed without local anesthesia, it would be rather painful, or at least it may cause huge discomfort. Luckily, in professional beauty parlors permanent makeup is always performed after inducing the temporary absence of sensation in eyebrow area. This makes microblading a painless procedure.

What are the effects of permanent eyebrow?

You shouldn’t expect to notice startling effects right after a beautician finishes adding pigment to your skin – it’s highly possible that the brows will be swollen, reddened and look a little bit cartoonish. This is an entirely normal reaction of your body that should wear off within 24-48 hours. During the first week, the pigment should become even so the brows start looking the way you expected them to do – they will be beautifully defined, the color will match your skin tone and hair, and the fake brow hairs will imitate the natural brows perfectly; providing that the procedure was performed correctly.

How long do permanent eyebrows last?

The longevity of results created due to microblading is individual, but in most cases they last up to 2 years. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the fake brows miraculously disappear after 24 months but they become gradually lighter – the pigment is getting lighter week by week.

Is there something that may go wrong?

Permanent eyebrows procedure always entail a risk. It must be done in respected salons where the quality of the procedure and qualifications of the staff are proven by reviews. Undoubtedly, it’s important to do some research and find the best beauty parlor to steer clear of getting poorly-done eyebrows, which in fact may blemish our face for a few years. Another issue is the irritation that can be induced due to using low quality preparations. Also, allergic reactions are becoming more common nowadays.

Can I remove permanent brows?

Removal of the pigment used for permanent brows is possible but… it’s not that simple. Although it is feasible, you must expose yourself to another treatment – a laser treatment – which is rather complicated and hazardous. It must be realized that laser removal of permanent eyebrows is both expensive and time-consuming.

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