What you don’t know about the brows?

There are a few fun fact about brows that might surprise even the biggest make-up fan. It’s because we don’t puzzle over the functions and qualities of these tiny hairs growing on our faces. We just want to make them look good, so we reach for conditioning eyebrow serums and waxes, pencils and pomades in order to bring out our natural beauty.

Instead of wondering how the perfect brow ridge should look like, it’s worth realising why we really need the eyebrows for. Did you know that…?

1. It’s really hard to identify face with no brows

These are eyebrows in particular that give our face a characteristic look no matter if they are thin and fair, or thick and dark. When it comes to identification, they appear to be even more important than eyes and lashes. Without brows, it’s hard to recognize the face we are looking at. Sounds strange? You can see it for yourself by running a simple test. Take a picture of yourself and use a graphics software to erase the eyebrows from your face. Are you able to recognize yourself now?

2. There can be even over 1 thousand hairs growing on one eyebrow.

In average one brow ridge may house hundreds of smaller and bigger hairs. This number isn’t the same for every person therefore our brow ridges might be either more or less thick. It turns out that people who have never removed brow hairs and have naturally bushy brow ridges can grow 1000-1100 individual hairs!

3. Brows protect our eyes

Many women perceive eyebrows only as an element of face which makes our appearance more attractive and thanks to which we can enhance our looks and boost make-up. Surprisingly, there is more to that. The truth is, Mother Nature gifted us with brows not without a reason – after all, their task is to shield our eyes against moisture such as sweat or rain that sometimes run down our face. Owing to eyebrows, the water is distributed to the sides of our faces instead of running right through the middle of it.

4. Our eyebrows express the emotions.

If it wasn’t for the brows, our face would have been deprived of the basic tool used to express emotions. Owing to the motions we make with our eyebrows, we can show our anger, surprise, happiness and sadness. What’s interesting, when we’re trying to frown our brows on purpose, their shape gets asymmetric. Only when we do this unconsciously, the eyebrows arrange themselves symmetrically. Thanks to this, it becomes easy to find out if our interlocutor is lying.

5. The definition of trendy eyebrows was changing with every decade

Trendy looks of our eyebrows is changing with the passing time. Today, these are natural-looking, on fleek and symmetrically shaped brows that are considered as neat and desirable. However, just 2-3 decades ago trendy eyebrows had to be thin and dark with each curve enhanced precisely.

Eyebrow Care Step by Step

Each hair growing in our body requires a set of appropriate nourishing and moisturising substances in order to preserve its well-being and good looks. This also applies to eyebrows that are a kind of canopy for our eyes, protecting them and beautifying the face. How to take care of the brows properly?

  • Diet –the very core of every type of care is supplying the body form the inside, which equals consumption of the balanced amount of wholesome food products. Therefore, if you wish to reinforce your brows, look for foods featuring: zinc, silica, vitamin E, biotin, iron. The very substances help strengthen and nourish brows from the inside. Nevertheless, it’s worth realizing that what we consume to supply our body with, might be simply insufficient. That’s why additional care delivered through eyebrow serums or oils is find equally essential.
  • Make-up – if we wish to boast about stunning and non-weakened brows, we have to start paying greater attention to what cosmetics we use to apply make-up with. After all, colour cosmetics keep affecting our brow hair for the entire day until removing them in the evening. Therefore, if a brow pomade contains potentially harmful substances, it may not only overburden brow hairs but also do damage to them. For that reason, choose cosmetics which composition is natural, featuring extra conditioning ingredients.
  • Make-up removal – sadly, the greatest damage is done to eyebrows while wiping off make-up, and this is done practically every day. The mistakes that we made the most frequently are: the use of too aggressive cosmetics that dry skin out as well as too vigorous rubbing while removing the colour cosmetics. Try your best to take make-up off gently, using natural oils or a good micellar lotion. Even if this procedure takes more time, it’s worth it. Your brows will be grateful if you start treating them delicately.
  • Nourishment – the last, yet the most important, rule says: eyebrows must be taken care of from the inside, too. You can do it using home remedies, by applying castor oil, egg mask or Vaseline. However, the most preferable is the investment in a high quality eyebrow serum that will do both: take care of brow hair appearance and boost its health from the bulb to the ends.