Physiognomy: what your brow shape tells about your character traits?

Eyes are said to be the window to our souls. Still, eyebrows are pretty “demonstrative” as well. Forehead is a muscle that reveals plenty of emotions whereas brow arches are the part of it. Apart from frowning, merely the appearance of your brows reveals a lot about your character and nature. Wanna find out the details? Match your brow shape to one of the following descriptions.

How to care for eyebrows no matter their shape or condition?

No matter if your brows are light or dark, thick or thin, young or old – you must nourish them. Why don’t you get round to it even today? Eyebrows make up the most important element of your face so you should present them with the best eyebrow serum. You’ll see the difference in their quality, volume, color and appearance after just two weeks. It’s a brilliant remedy for damaged brows which don’t grow, and a superb treatment making brows better-looking, protecting them at the same time.

Eyebrows are one of the facial features letting us read emotions. As many as 12 muscles are engaged in their work so they surely help us express emotions. What character traits do eyebrows reveal?

What your brow shape tells about you?

Straight brows

Women whose brows are straight are self-confident and outstandingly assertive. They aren’t afraid of confrontation, know what they want and how to communicate it as well as achieve it. These people usually have radical beliefs and don’t care about others’ opinions. They happen to be unforgiving and hold a grudge long. It’s also hard to make them change their mind.

High-up brows

High brows’ owners are usually emotional. When you first meet them, they appear distant and unapproachable, and they often stand back. You need to work to earn their trust. Their typical features include perfectionism, self-criticism, being sensitive and reserved. They only seem to be conceited because they are simply very sensitive.

Round brows

People whose brows are round are very kind, empathetic and caring. They often put other people’s needs first, forgetting their own. Women with round brows are extremely sociable and you like them the moment you meet them for the first time. You simply like being with them since they know how to listen. They have developed social skills and are very outgoing.

Thin brows

Thin brows are characteristic for shy people with low self-esteem who keep seeking other people’s acceptance. They like being surrounded by people, are warm-hearted, gentle, sensitive and friendly but – note! – once let down, they will put you on a blacklist.

Bushy brows

If someone has thick, bold brows, it usually means they are confident and aware of their attractiveness. People with bushy brows don’t care what other people think about them. They are persistent when striving for goals and live their lives to the full. Thick brows belong to people spending their time actively. This type of people might be inconsistent in their feelings because they are overexcited about every person they meet. Be careful, they might be bad-tempered! Luckily, they beat their bad mood fast.

Steep arched brows

Arched brows mean you are sociable, spontaneous, very eloquent and have a great sense of humor. People with steep arched brows like fun and fast pace of life. They can work under pressure, love challenges, are natural born leaders, take decisions fast. Women with steep arched brows are incurable romantics, very stubborn and persistent.

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