Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

top eyebrow serum Nanobrow

Without a doubt, the most willingly chosen eyebrow serum is Nanobrow. This product is recommended not only by a regular customers but also by the specialists in the field of cosmetics. This beauty product contains the highest quality ingredients combined in such a way to work comprehensively, from the inside, and effectively.

  • Baicalein (Scutellaria baicalensis extract) is an antioxidant, it delays ageing processes and reinforces; as a result, eyebrows stop falling out excessively, becomes stronger and grow faster.
  • Arginine (amino acid, a building block of hair) is responsible for swift regeneration of weakened and damaged eyebrows.
  • Wheat and soy germ extracts, that once combined they have a regenerating effect and stimulate cell metabolism which translates into accelerated brow growth; as a result eyebrows get thicker and stronger.
  • Ginseng extract (obtained from the root) is a natural antioxidant, revitalizes, rejuvenates and nourishes brow hairs.
  • Panthenol(provitamin B5) is a substance essential for maintaining the adequate level of hydration and nourishment in eyebrows; it influences looks, thickness and colour of eyebrows; leaves the brow hairs naturally shiny.

The unbeatable combination of plant extracts, moisturising substances and ingredients responsible for stimulating brow hair growth produces this highly advanced formula.

When applied regularly, Nanobrow eyebrow serum darkens, thickens, prevents loss, regenerates, protects, adds shine, enhances and makes brows more flexible.

This is the right cosmetic for those who aren’t satisfied with the way their brow ridges look like. Nanobrow sorts out the problem of thin and fair brow hair in just 4 weeks. Moreover, it’s a product exposed to numerous tests to prove its suitability for being safe to use by people with sensitive skin.

Its runny formula penetrates skin rapidly, it gets absorbed almost the very moment applied to brows. It doesn’t clump brows together, overburden them or run down the face. The well-developed applicator also deserves recognition because it significantly facilitates spreading the product along brow ridges. It’s convenient to use and it glides smoothly along eyebrows with its soft, well-shaped tip. Thanks to it, Nanobrow application is considerably simpler and faster. It doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes.

The price that has to be paid for all of what has been mentioned above might seem to be a little bit too high. However, it’s a really good eyebrow serum worth the money. Especially when taking into consideration the fact that it delivers effects really fast and is a quality product. Nanobrow can be ordered online with home delivery. The producer doesn’t run bricks-and-mortar sale.

More information:

5 ml
attractive, adequate to the quality
nourishes, regenerates, protects, beautifies, thickens and darkens brow hairs
very fast and effortless
ingredients of the highest quality, no harmful substances

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